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When it comes to buying a colored diamond, the fear and anxiety of finding the perfect fit for your needs are normal. Don’t worry, the anxiousness you feel is acceptable because you are spending a fortune on a little piece of rock (of course, a sparkly one, cherished by most women). Around the world, it has been witnessed that people go for online searches before making a deal, be it about the real estate or the diamonds. Everybody is surfing over the internet to find the answers to their problems. Well, buying a diamond is interesting, but it is not as easy as it may sound. You may have the knowledge of the 4Cs of diamond (Cut, Carat, Clarity , and colour) along with the information of the shape, dimensions, certification and quality. Still, you might not be able to differentiate between the rare and the ordinary one. Yeah, that’s right! Two diamonds of the same shape, colour, dimension and same quality may be different in their quality but they both could be sold at the same cost. The main reason behind it is that people don’t have the knowledge of the difference between the rare and the ordinary diamonds because they all look same after getting finished and is set in a gold or silver ring.

A consultant can help you in deciding what will be the right fit for you as he is more experienced in finding out the quality and the rarity of the diamond. First things first, you have to tell the consultant about your requirement which may include:

What type of diamond do you want?

What shape are you looking for?

Which colour the diamond should be in?

What occasion is it for (Engagement, Wedding, etc.)?

What should be the size of the diamond?

What is your budget?

This information helps the consultant in understanding your requirement, after which he searches for the right fit that will not only be up to your requirements but will also be stunning enough to leave people awestruck when they see it, because, these little sparkly gems are to be cherished and appreciated whenever and wherever they are seen. The consultant can also help you in finding the most authentic vendor when it comes to buying the diamond and can give you the most authentic information related to the origin of the diamond without any manipulations.

Also, the consultant may help with the options available, because when you go to a shop or when you are searching online to buy a diamond, you may have limited choices from which you are supposed to choose. But, a consultant can give you plenty of options from different sources that will help you find the perfect fit and in case none of the choices matches your requirements the consultant may give you the option of getting you a customised diamond as per the requirements you asked them for. The consultant may even provide you with the videos and high definitions pictures of the diamonds that may help you in assessing the worth of the diamond more easily.

After you are done choosing the diamond, the consultant will make sure to look for the authenticity of the diamond and makes sure that the cut, colour, carat, clarity of the diamond is done in a way that they enhance the beauty of the diamond. The consultant will also help you in making sure that the colour of the diamond is natural and not painted or induced. Because the colour of some diamonds may be changed by adopting processes such as:

Irradiation and heat.

High-pressure, high-temperature annealing.

Low-pressure, high-temperature annealing.

Paints and coating.

Once the consultant is sure about all these things, he may advise you about the setting of the diamond which will help in enhancing the colour of the diamond. All colours of diamonds do not go well with all the settings. The blue diamonds may go with the white gold setting more prettily as compared to the dull gold setting, as the white will enhance the blue colour of diamond more nicely. However, some diamonds go with the gold setting such as the pink diamond which goes pretty well with the rose gold setting. The information regarding all these things which are connected with the diamond can be best given by the consultant. So, when you go to buy a diamond, it is best to take consultancy from a consultant and not to rely on your own information, because, the expense is for once, but the asset is for a lifetime!

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