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Where Do Champagne Coloured Diamonds Get Their Colour From?

The rare and astonishing champagne colour of the diamonds makes them stand out from the other coloured diamonds. Even though they are not considered to be as rare as the other coloured diamonds, but they still hold a very special place in the world of coloured diamonds. The champagne coloured diamonds possesses a yellow and brown tint in them which makes them different from all the other yellow coloured diamonds. The hue ranges from the lighter shades of brown to the darker shades of brown giving them a champagne shade. These diamonds are also known as the cognac diamonds depending on their shade.

Nitrogen Gives these Champagne Diamonds their Color

When the nitrogen particles get stuck over the years, while the process of crystallisation is taking place, the signature champagne colour becomes evident in the diamonds. For this specific colour, the nitrogen particles are supposed to line up in a particular setting to give these beautiful diamond the perfect colour. There is a great effect of the heat and the compression that is involved in the creation of the diamonds which helps them in achieving this stunning champagne colour. These precious gems are ranked a 10 on the Mohs scale, which makes them the most durable and reliable gems around the world along with the white diamonds.

Where Are The Champagne Diamonds Found?

These absolutely pretty champagne coloured diamonds are found in the diamonds mines of Australia, Africa, and Siberia. The most famous and the biggest mine that produces the champagne coloured diamond is the Argyle Diamond Mine which is situated in Western Australia, the mine is also famous for the production of its Pink Diamonds and several other diamonds are also found in the Argyle Diamond Mine.

How Rare Is The Champagne Diamond?

People often ask if the champagne coloured diamonds are rarer than white or colourless diamonds. Well, despite having a stunning champagne colour, the champagne coloured diamonds not as expensive as the colourless diamonds. Because of the yellow and brown coloured tinge in the champagne diamonds, they lose their worth and are mostly sold at cheaper rates. Also, they are considered to be less rare than the colourless diamonds or the other diamonds that are colourful.

The price of the champagne coloured diamond is totally dependent on its carat and the tinge of yellow and brown that is evident in the diamond which is affecting its clarity. The more the hue the lesser the price. Like other diamonds, the price of the champagne coloured diamond is totally dependent on the intensity of the champagne colour of the diamond.

Intensity Grade by GIA for Champagne Diamonds:


The Gemological Institute of America has not really published a grading scale for the champagne coloured diamonds. However, the colours have been described as fancy yellowish brown, fancy light yellow-brown and such other terms which basically points towards the hue and the intensity of the colour of the diamond. Though, the Argyle Mine has graded the champagne coloured diamonds on their own. These colours basically range from C1 to C7. C1, C2 being the lighter shade of champagne, C3, C4 being the medium shades of champagne colour whereas, C5, C6 and C7 (also known as cognac) being the darker shades of the champagne colour.

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