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Where Do Violet Diamonds Get Their Colour From?

The natural coloured diamonds are a rare yet intriguing phenomenon of the gems. The colour of these diamonds is something that may increase or decrease the value of the diamond no matter how rare they are. These colours are actually the true determinant of the value of the diamonds. The overtones and the undertone evident in the diamonds make them flawless and stunning in the eyes of the owner or may make them look ordinary. The violet coloured diamonds are actually the result of an excessive amount of hydrogen present in the stone while the process of crystallization is taking place. Because of the rarity of these violet coloured diamonds, the diamonds around the world try to induce this eye-catching violet colour in the diamonds by processing them with different methods, which may include:

  • Irradiation and Heat.
  • High-pressure, high-temperature annealing.
  • Low-pressure, high-temperature annealing.
  • Paints and coating.

Hydrogen Gives these Violet Diamonds their Color

While the process of crystallization takes place, the small foreign particles of Hydrogen get stuck in the stone and results in the rare violet colour of these beautiful and striking violet diamonds. These diamonds are even rarer than the purple diamonds but not as rare as the fancy red diamonds and the fancy blue diamonds. Still, it is a very rare occurrence of the pure violet diamond without the hues of grey and blue. The setting and the amount of hydrogen that results in this stunning violet colour of the diamond is still unknown.

Where Are the Violet Diamonds Found?

The absolutely rare and fancy violet diamonds belong to the family of purple diamond. These diamonds most have hues of blues and purples in them. These diamonds are considered to be the rarest type and colour of diamond as it is a very rare occurrence that a violet coloured diamond is found. These sporadic and gorgeous violet coloured diamonds are usually found in the Argyle Mine situated in Australia which is assumed to be the prime location which produces around 90% of the coloured diamonds of the world but, the location is scheduled to shut down by the end of 2020. Some other locations that are involved in the extraction of violet diamonds include the mines of Canada, Russia and Brazil.

Which Are the Famous Violet Diamonds in the World?

As mentioned above, the occurrence of these rare gems is very rare and even if they do occur, they do not weigh more than 5 carat which makes them even rarer. Because of their rarity, these diamonds do not have many famous diamonds. the only famous violet diamond that is known to the world is:

The argyle violet is considered to be the biggest violet-coloured diamond ever found which around 9.17 carat weighed in its raw form. In order to enhance its colour and the beauty of the diamond, the diamond had to be polished and cut down to 2.83 carats, which meant that the diamond lost 69% of its raw material. The Argyle mine has produced only 12 carats of the polished violet coloured diamonds since the beginning. The diamondeers believe that these rare diamonds will be highly sought after their size, beauty and provenance.

How rare are the Violet Diamonds?

The extremely rare violet coloured diamonds are considered to be one of the rarest diamonds around the world. The diamonds are only found in the Argyle Mine of Australia and there have been only minimal instances when the diamondeers have come across this rare gemstone. These gemstones are considered to occur in small sizes and weigh extremely less as compared to other diamonds. These diamonds belong to the purple family and are the result of the traces of hydrogen and plastic distortion while the process of crystallization takes place. Even though these diamonds are considered to be very rare, but they do not hold much importance when it comes to their prices. Besides having a stunningly pure violet colour, these diamonds are not sold on higher prices. The reason behind their lower prices may be that these diamonds do not weigh much as compared to other diamonds. Only 12 carats of polished violet diamonds have been discovered from the Argyle Mine in the time span of 32 years in total. These diamonds are so obscure that nobody searches for them too much and even if they are found, people do not believe that they are actually witnessing one of the rarest and the most beautiful diamond.

How Does the Overtone Affect the Price of the Violet Diamonds?

The overtones present in any diamond makes them either gain more worth or lose their own worth depending on the shades and hues that are evident in the diamond. The violet coloured diamonds become extremely valuable when they are purely violet and do not possess any overtones in them. The diamonds are rarely found in a pure violet colour and mostly possess secondary modifying colours that are considered to devalue the worth of these diamonds to a great extent. these diamonds may have blue and grey shades in their secondary overtones. It is almost impossible for the violet colour to act as a secondary modifying colour because of its rarity.  Even though these diamonds are not worth a fortune, but this doesn’t change the fact that these diamonds are a rare occurrence and these diamonds possess a high value in their own as compared to other diamonds. Violet diamonds are typically rare and do not weigh more than 0.30 carat (a polished diamond). If there is a larger diamond than 1 carat, it could be worth a fortune.

What Are the Intensity Grades by Gia for Violet Diamonds?

The intensity grade for violet diamonds by GIA is as follows:

  • Fancy
  • Fancy Dark.
  • Fancy Deep (with very few in the Intense classification).

The violet diamonds do not come in other intensity grades such as light and faint because of their rarity factor.



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