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Where Do Gray Diamonds Get Their Colour From?

The colour of any gemstone is closely related to its beauty and rarity. The colour is the main aspect when it comes to deciding the worth of the gemstone. Gray diamonds are considered to be very beautiful and interesting because of the fact that these diamonds are semiconductors of electricity just like blue diamonds. These diamonds are considered to be one of their kind because of the variety of shades found in them. The shades range from the darker gray with a purple shade to the lighter gray with a white or colourless shade.

Element Involved in the Colour of a Gray Diamond:

When it comes to the colour of the gray diamonds. The colour of these amazing diamonds is considered to be the result of the inclusion of hydrogen while the process of crystallisation is taking place and the diamond is being formed. Another factor that may cause the gray colour of the diamond is the presence of boron as a foreign particle. These elements together cause the gray diamond to have multiple shades and hues which play an evident role in giving them their unique colour.

Where is Gray Diamond Found?

There are several places where the gray diamonds are found. These stunningly beautiful gray diamonds are usually found in the Indian Mines, Brazilian Mines, Russian Mines, South African Mines and of course the Argyle Mine present in Australia (the home to most of the coloured diamonds). The production of a gray diamond is only 2% when compared to all the other diamonds. In simpler words, gray diamond accounts for only 2% in the coloured diamonds (the coloured diamonds that are most commonly found includes the champagne diamonds). The gray diamonds are also famous for their pinkish shaded diamonds.

How Rare Are Gray Diamonds?

The gray diamonds are considered to be extremely rare, even more, rare than the yellow diamonds and the brown diamonds. These diamonds are not considered to be expensive even after falling under the category of extremely rare diamonds. The increasing demand for fancy coloured diamonds is followed by the increased demand for gray diamonds. The pricing of these gray diamonds is similar to the colourless diamonds and thus, are quite expensive.

How Does the Overtone Affect the Pricing of the Gray Diamond?

The price of the diamond is heavily dependent on the overtones and the undertone present in the


The undertone and overtones of the gray diamonds decide the worth of the gray diamonds. If there is a tinge of pink, blue or violet in the gray diamond, the diamond can be sold for millions of dollars. Whereas, the overtone of yellow or brown can reduce the worth of the diamond.

What Are The Intensity Grades for Gray Diamond by GIA?

The intensity grades for gray diamond determined by GIA are:

  • Light Gray
  • Fancy Light Gray
  • Fancy Gray
  • Fancy Dark Gray
  • Fancy Deep Gray
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