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Where Do Orange Coloured Diamonds Get Their Colour From?

Diamonds look more intriguing when they are in a colour, as the colour may enhance their beauty at times. The orange diamonds are one of them, even though they are pretty rare and much more expensive than the colourless diamonds. But they are considered to be one of the most intriguing and stunning diamond when it comes to colourful diamonds.


Element Involved In the Beautiful Colouration of Orange Diamonds

The main source of the gorgeous orange colour in the diamond is the result of the presence of Nitrogen, just like the yellow diamonds. But, the orange colour becomes evident only when the Nitrogen particles are present in a specific setting where they absorb the blue and yellow lights while the process of crystallisation of the diamond is taking place, in order to form the orange colour of the diamond. This specific arrangement of the nitrogen particles is known as the hyper-specific arrangement.

These pretty orange coloured diamonds which are similar to the yellow and the brown diamonds are commonly known as the pumpkin diamonds because of the stunning orange colour. The main reason for giving orange diamonds the name of pumpkin diamond is mainly because of their resemblance with the squash colour and also, because of the 5.54 Carat stone which is famous as a pumpkin diamond.

Where Are Orange Diamonds Found?

The orange diamonds are considered to be very rare because a diamond is rarely particularly and exclusively orange. Mostly, there is a more tinge of either yellow or the brown colour in the diamonds. Whenever there is a pure diamond available in the market, a buzz is seen within the people having a taste for the diamonds because they are usually aware of the preciousness of these purely orange coloured diamonds. These rare diamonds are mostly found in the mines of two places which are:

  • The Argyle Mine of Australia.
  • The Mines South Africa.


Which Are the Famous Orange Diamonds in the World?

As it has already been discussed, that these orange coloured diamonds are very rare and also, most of the times, the colour of the diamonds decides the worth of the diamonds. The colours of the diamonds are assumed to portray an emotional and spiritual attribute and these orange coloured diamonds portray the attribute of friendliness and happiness along with a soothing effect which is why they are also in demand. The most famous orange diamonds around the world include:

The Orange

This absolutely stunning bright orange diamond surprised the world with its size and beauty. It weighed 14.82 carats was sold for 32 million euros in 2013 and broke the record as this diamond is considered to be the most expensive orange diamond with the highest worth in terms of the money that has been paid for it.


Orange Diamond

The Pumpkin

The Pumpkin Diamond was cut and finished by William Goldberg which weighs around 5.54 carats and was sold for $1.3 Million. The diamond is considered to be the world’s largest fancy vivid orange diamond, which values just over $3 million.


Orange Diamond

How Rare are the Orange Diamonds?

These fabulous orange coloured diamonds having no undertones are considered to be the rarest diamonds around the world, as it is very occasional for the diamonds to have a natural and pure orange colour with no hints of yellow and brown shades within them. It is very difficult to calculate the rarity of the beautiful gems but, the gemologist around the world believes that these rare diamonds are on the 4th or 5th rank when it comes to the list of the rare diamonds found around the world. Red, Violet, Pink, and Blue being the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively. The orange diamonds mostly occur with a secondary colour tone which reduces their value and their worth. The diamonds are still searching for the ways through which this rarely occurring pure orange colour could be found more often.


How Does the OverTone Affect the Price of the Orange Diamonds?

The colour of the diamond is considered to be the most important aspect of the diamond. Just like other diamonds that are found in a singular natural colour tone, orange diamonds in their purest orange tone without any undertones and overtones are considered to be very valuable and people are often found searching for the pure orange coloured diamonds because of their uniqueness and worth they possess. Any overtones or undertones present in the orange coloured diamonds may affect their worth drastically as a tinge of other colours in some diamonds have the tendency of affecting their worth to a great extent.

Because of the rarity of these pure orange diamonds, they are considered to be the most expensive diamonds around the world as they are unique and are not commonly found easily. These diamonds have the tendency of getting sold for millions of dollars even in their raw form, because of their unique colour.

But, the orange diamonds are mostly found with overtone hues which affect the worth of these diamonds drastically. There is mostly a tinge of yellow, brown and pink in these orange diamonds. The hues may range from brown, brownish, yellow, yellowish, pink and pinkish. There can be other hues as well depending on the elements and the foreign particles that were trapped while the process of crystallisation was going on but the usual colours include, pink, yellow and brown.


What Are the Intensity Grades by Gia for Yellow Diamonds?

The intensity grade for orange diamonds by Gia is as follows:

  • Fancy Orange
  • Fancy Intense Orange
  • Fancy Vivid Orange
  • Fancy Deep Orange

The orange diamonds cannot be found in the faint, very light, or light intensities because of their rarity. When it comes to pure orange diamonds, Gia rarely grades any diamond as a pure orange diamond. Making it difficult for the investors to find the orange diamond which eventually results in higher and expensive prices of the pure orange coloured diamonds.






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