Raremonds Commitment

to seek expert consultation for buying Colored Diamonds 


Quality Standardization

Every colored diamond that is sourced by Raremonds passes through a stringent & custom created Quality Check process which provides you with the best and rarest of the rare diamonds. Our experience in diamonds gives us an astute eye that sees through the diamonds thoroughly like no one else does. With a legacy of half a century in the industry, it is imperative for us to keep the best quality diamonds in our vaults.

raremonds Diamond

Raremonds Certification

It is our commitment, that the colored diamonds certified by us will surpass benchmarks set by the best rating agencies in the world. We analyse all the attributes of a colored diamond and rate it for its’ Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. Even today, the diamond industry struggles with determining a bad cut from a good cut objectively despite the best technology available.

Human intervention is a must to ascertain whether a diamond has a good cut or bad. With our experience of handling colored diamonds routinely, we have developed a knack of determining the grade of the cuts of the diamonds. We further insist on providing clarity certificate, as clarity affects the value of the diamond drastically. Our commitment to provide you the best colored diamonds is relentless, unflinching & uncompromisable.


Methodical Consultancy

It is a glorified & ill found myth among global consumers that, colored diamonds are elusive due to their high prices. At Raremonds, we source the colored diamonds after knowing your needs & most importantly your budget. Our custom created questionnaire helps us zero in on your exact requirements, increasing the probability of finding the perfect selections for you. Knowing you better helps us to serve you better.


Indisputable Pricing

No one can master the art of providing the best-colored diamond at the best price like we do. Based out of India from a community in Surat that has been dealing in diamonds for decades, it becomes rather convenient for us to source the diamonds at the best price.

Being at the epicentre of the diamond hub of the world, helps us eliminate the middle men and their margins, hence bringing the costs considerably less than competitors. This gives us a leverage over all the market players in this industry. Our pricing is transparent & indisputable just like our consultancy.

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