Before any transaction is facilitated through (hereinafter referred as “company”, “site”, “website”, “us”) , it is imperative that you (“Buyer”, “consumer”, “retailer”, “investor”) read and accept all the terms and conditions (hereinafter referred as “T&C”, “t&c”) laid down on this page.

These T&C govern the relationship between you and the company, i.e. the website, including the sale and supply of any stone. If any other document presents any conflicting view with the terms laid down here, then this document shall prevail for matters related to this site.

Please read the terms and conditions meticulously. The T&C lay down a binding contract between you and the company, which are subject to amendment without a prior notice, hence you are expected to keep yourself updated of the terms and conditions on a regular basis. Additionally, these T&C is applicable for all the existing and future services that you will avail from the company which may or may not be affiliated with the website. Raremonds reserves all the rights to amend our Terms and Conditions including the Privacy policy as and when it is necessary. It is implied that you have read the terms and conditions as and when they have been updated when you conduct any business with the website.

Phone number and Email ID

You agree to voluntarily submit your phone number and email ID to us for OTP confirmation to enable you to avail our consultancy and to use it for further communications regarding your requirements.


By subscribing to our newsletter, you agree to receive our emails that could be pertaining to sales, promotions and communications or of any other nature. In order to unsubscribe to our newsletter, you will have to mail us with ‘unsubscribe’ in your subject line. You will be unsubscribed within 3-4 working days.

Choosing a diamond

You will be provided with all the information regarding your diamond before you take a decision of buying a particular diamond. You will be provided with HD quality images and videos of the diamond which will enable you to select a diamond. An official email will be sent to you with the diamond certificate, images and HD videos for you to confirm. It is only after you confirm will a diamond will be considered to be a chosen one for you.


  • Our consultation is based on several factors like industry trends, research, experience and market analysis.
  • We have no vested interests while consulting you for a particular diamond.
  • Our consultancy caters to 3 kind of users: Retail users or Individual users, Retailers or jewelers and Investors. The different flows have a different approach which helps you reach your desired diamond. The prices of the diamonds offered are independent of you being a retail user, retailer or investor. It should be in no way considered as way of segregating users for targeted pricing.
  • The information taken from you during the consultancy is strictly stored behind a secured firewall. The information is taken to serve you better. It is for us to evaluate your requirements completely and in no way we use this data for marketing, sales or promotional purposes.


  • Diamond prices are subject to market value. Like any other investment, an investment in diamond may result in a drop of its value due to several reasons pertaining to several market factor. Raremonds is strictly not liable for such market fluctuations and holds no responsibility in case a diamond suggested by us for a short term or a long term investment returns less value than expected or returns lesser value than the purchase price.
  • It is important that you view the images and the video and study them carefully before buying a diamond from us. We adhere to a stick ‘no returns’ policy.
  • Under any circumstances, Raremonds is not liable to purchase back a diamond which was sold by Raremonds to you.


  • It is important that you communicate the requirements of your client clearly if the designs are in place with you.
  • It is important that you view the images and the video and study them carefully before buying a diamond from us. We adhere to a stick ‘no returns’ policy
  • Raremonds is not liable to buy back or replace your diamond under any circumstances once sold. Complaints regarding the diamond from your client is solely your responsibility and in no way is Raremonds liable for any complaints from the individuals you are selling our diamond to.


The payment for the diamond is to be done upfront within 24 hours of your confirming the diamond. The payment is to be done through a secured wire transfer to the account specified. Any loss of the buyer due to security lapses from the bank or buyer will not be the liability of Raremonds. Raremonds is in no way responsible in case of security and privacy breaches of the buyer during the transaction of money to us.

Shipment Charges and Taxes

The shipment will be processed once the payment is reflected in Raremonds account. The delivery of the diamond will be done through an international shipping company (or of your choice, if you want to suggest one) and it will be their prerogative to deliver the diamond in the specified time frame. It should not take more than 7-10 days for your diamond to reach your doorstep. The shipping charges for any consignment below the purchase of  USD $20,000 will be USD $ 150. The shipping charges for any consignment above the purchase of USD $20,000 will be done for free.

It is important for you to know that, in case of the shipment being held at the ports (for numerous legal reasons that don’t involve us) of your country, any kind of payment for releasing such goods at your country’s customs office or port of security will bore completely by you. The company in no way is liable for the  payment of such charges.

The extra duty & taxes applicable for different countries is listed down in the below table. These charges are applicable to all the purchases made with Raremonds.


CountryPolished Diamonds Jewellery
Australia10% GST5% Duty & 10% GST
BelgiumNIL2.5% unless with GSP Form & 21% VAT
Brazil2% Duty & Other Taxes 27.25%18% Duty & Other Taxes 39.25%
ChinaNIL20% DUTY & 17% VAT
DubaiNIL5% Duty
Indonesia5% DUTY, 10% VAT & TAX 7.5%5% DUTY, 10% VAT & TAX 7.5%
Israel1.39 Mille12% DUTY & 16% VAT
Japan8% VAT5.4% DUTY & 8% VAT
Singapore7% GST7% GST
South AfricaNIL20% DUTY
Thailand7% VAT20% DUTY & 7% VAT
UK20% VAT2.5% unless with GSP Form & 20% VAT
USADUTY NIL, USER FEE 0.3464% OF THE INV. VALUE (MIN. USD 25 & MAX USD 485) Country of Origin is Israel, Mexico, Canada or the USA5.5% DUTY PLUS USER FEE 0.3464% OF THE INV. VALUE (MIN. USD 25 & MAX USD 485)
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