Silver Star Incorporated: Becomes the Pioneer in Black Diamonds

Manufacturing & dealing in colored diamonds with Export network spread over countries like China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA & UK.

Established a consultancy for colored diamonds with an ever growing network of clients all over the world.

Raremonds incorporated:The most trusted online consultation in colored diamonds.

 Raremonds exudes a rich legacy, in the business of diamonds for the past 3 decades. The predecessors of Raremonds were pioneers in the manufacturing of Black Diamonds with an export network spanning across several countries like China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, New Zealand among others. Today, Raremonds is a leading manufacturer and dealer of colored diamonds. With the advent of the digital revolution coming in post 2000, it was imminent to make transparency as the key aspect of the business for Raremonds.parth shah
Parth Shah, the young turk with an astute eye for diamonds was then trusted with the responsibilities of this business.With an experience of over 10 years in sourcing, grading & cutting diamonds, Parth developed the much needed concept of consultancy for colored diamonds on the web. The service was lapped up by consumers and retailers alike, all over the world. With overwhelming positive feedback Raremonds - The Trusted Rare Diamonds Consultants was established.
Parth believes that colored diamonds have exponential growth potential as far as investment is concerned. The returns on colored diamonds have been immense and yet it has eluded the mainstream diamond consumption only because of the lack of knowledge and insecurity around the pricing.

Parth has vowed to break these stereotypes and insecurities by bringing in his consultancy and expertise to the world, consumers and users of colored diamonds. Lack of consultants & advisors for colored diamonds have left a void in the market. Parth wants to make Raremonds the major breakthrough that would impact the colored diamonds market radically.
Raremonds is here to give the biggest exposure to the diamond buying community into the world of colorful diamonds. Take the leap of faith in the world of colored diamonds, with the trusted & transparent expert consultancy of Raremonds.
Our mission is to ensure that colored diamonds become the most preferred form of investment globally, across asset classes, through honest, astute & expert consultancy. Disseminate authentic & reliable information about the colored diamonds industry to allay the fears & insecurities of the consumers globally.
Raremonds aspires to be the most reliable online consultancy platform for rare diamonds. With its expertise and transparency, Raremonds vows to win the trust of the consumers all over the globe. With trust built on expertise being the foundation of Raremonds, we are determined to be the pioneers of consultancy for buying colored diamonds.Raremonds intends to be a one stop destination for individual users, retailers and investors of colored diamonds.photo3.jpg
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